Environmental Restoration

Run of River will enhance our natural environment by removing hazardous materials from the riverbed—debris from the collapse of a pedestrian bridge during the flood of 1987—and enhancing fish habitat.

Local Impact

  • Site restoration
  • Removal of debris from collapsed bridge
  • Enhanced fish habitat and passage
  • Pristine waters
  • Great location for fishing

State Impact

  • Improved waterway for fisheries
  • Enhanced fish migration

Evidence suggests that the riverbed was altered during the days of the log drives to prevent log snags. The installation of whitewater features is expected to restore some hydraulic diversity, improve fish habitat, and offer safe passage for fish migration.

Located on one side of the gorge, whitewater features will be designed to enable fish movement, and divider islands will create shoreline habitats for migrating fish. Eddies created as a result of the features will produce resting pools, habitat for microinvertebrates, flow refuges, and feeding grounds. Aerated water will also benefit fish species.

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